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About Ukraine

In general

Last four years
Ukraine is showing
steady economic growth
due to ongoing reforms

Ukraine is the largest wholly European country and world's 46th-largest country with a population 42 mln. people. Ukraine consists of 27 regions, with a capital in Kyiv city. 

Ukraine is the 50th largest export economy in the world and the 39th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index.

Last four years Ukraine is showing steady economic growth due to ongoing reforms, and accordingly to experts opinion will continue to grow in the nearest future.

In the global ranking Doing Business-2019 Ukraine ranked 71st.
Last year, Ukraine held 76 position. Growth in the rating continues for 7 years in a row.

IT Ukraine

IT sector

In 2018
export of IT services
has made $2,04 bln

The IT sector occupies a significant part in the Ukrainian economy.

Nowadays in Ukraine operating nearly 4,000 tech companies and 185,000 developers.

Today, the IT sector is forming 4% of country's GDP, and 150,000 high salary workers are forming the middle class.
They will be 200 thousand in one year and a half.

Major part of IT services of Ukrainian companies goes on export. In 2018 export of IT services has made $2,04 bln, and had a third place in ukrainian export in services. Balance of payments is positive and formed $1,58 bln.

Investment climate of IT sector

Ukrainian IT companies
has reached $336.9M

Accordingly to the report of Ukrainian Venture Capital Association, the Ukrainian investment market is growing steadily, and the total volume of venture investments into Ukrainian IT companies has reached $336.9M, which is almost one and a half times more than last year's maximum.

According to Yevgen Sysoyev, managing partner of AVentures Capital: ”The fact that more than $630 million were invested in Ukrainian startups over the past years signals the industry’s resilience amid the country’s economic and political challenges.”

Why Ukraine

An Economic growth

Ukrainian economy and the IT sector, in particular, is growing really extensively, and will maintain this trend in the future.

Talent pool

Strong educational background, the oldest IT school that are placed in Ukraine preparing worldclass specialists.


We close to our partners not just in terms of geographical location, but also we share the same values. 

Favorable conditions

The low tax burden, favorable regulation of the industry and constant improvement of business ecosystem.